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Why is My AC Leaking?

By Fahrenheit AC /

Leaks from your air conditioning unit can be scary. Not only does it create an unexpected mess, especially if you are not home, but it can also cause a lot of damage.


The reason there is water in your unit in the first place, is because your air conditioner pulls in hot humid air through a return grille over the unit’s cold evaporator coil. The evaporator coil then cools the air down. During this process, condensation occurs and forms droplets on the evaporator coil. These droplets of water fall down a sloped drain pan and down a condensate line and exit through a PVC pipe either outside of your home or into your plumbing.

Since there are pipes and water involved, there is a potential for leaks. Some of the most common reasons for leaks from your AC unit are:

A Clogged Drain Line

Mold, debris, dirt, and sludge can get caught in your condensation pipe and become clogged. When your condensation pipe gets clogged it can make the drain pan overflow, which will cause leaks. This is more likely to happen in the hot summer months, since that is when the AC is being used more and working its hardest.

Dirty Air Filter

As with many issues that can arise within an air conditioning unit, the air filter makes its appearance once again on the list. Once again, this easy task can prevent another nightmare. A dirty air filter will block the air flow over the evaporator coil and when that happens the coil becomes too cold and freezes over. When the frozen parts start to melt, an excess of water drips into the pan causing it to overflow.

Damaged or Rusted Drain Pan

Is your air conditioning unit over 15 years old? If so, it may have rust or damage from years of use. If this is the case, any water that falls into your drain pan will just fall right through. In this case you will need to replace the pan. Having a dependable AC company perform an annual checkup can help you detect an issue like this early on.

For these and any issues you come across with your air conditioning unit, it’s always good to have an experienced and reputable AC company help you solve these issues. Fahrenheit AC has been serving South East Florida since 1990 and they are a company that truly takes pride in their work and satisfying customers. Fahrenheit AC is ready to provide you with fast and friendly service on all of your AC needs!