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How to Prepare Your AC for Hurricane Season

By Fahrenheit AC /

Hurricane season is fast approaching once again. It’s time to get different parts of your home ready for hurricane season. Make sure to add your AC system to your preparation list this year!

To keep your air conditioner safe this hurricane season, simply follow these easy steps:


  • Turn off your AC!
    • Storms can cause power surges which can lead to fires or other problems with your AC. Switch your AC off on the circuit breaker to make sure that it is completely powered off. This will prevent power surges.
  • Don’t forget the outdoor unit!
    • If you have central AC, make sure to cover your outdoor condenser unit. You can use materials such as plywood or a tarp to cover the AC unit. Doing this will protect your outdoor AC unit from heavy rain and wind damage.
  • Check your backyard
    • While covering your outdoor unit, make sure you clean up any items in your yard that could become projectiles. Items like toys and patio furniture can become deadly objects in heavy winds. Not only do they pose a threat to your home, but to your AC unit as well.
  • Remove AC window units
    • If you have an AC window unit, make sure to remove it before the storm. These units can be easily ripped out by high speed winds and become projectiles.
  • Invest in a backup generator
    • Being without power or AC is a nightmare, especially in the summer months of South Florida. A storm can leave you without both. Investing in a backup generator and having it ready for your AC unit will provide you with the comfort of having air conditioning if your power goes out.


Once the storm has passed, make sure to check your AC unit for any flooding or damage to your AC unit. Remove any debris you see surrounding your unit. It’s also a good idea to call your AC professional to make sure no damage was caused to the AC unit.


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