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The Perfect Floridian Christmas Gift – Air Conditioning!

By Fahrenheit AC /

Thanksgiving pretty much kicks off the countdown to Christmas shopping for presents. If you live in Florida, what a better gift to give a fellow Florida-resident than an air conditioning related gift?!


Air conditioning is basically a necessity here in Florida, where temps are in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s for most of the year. The holidays are the perfect time to give the gift of the appliance that keeps on giving. Here are some air-conditioning related gifts you can give your loved ones this holiday season:


  • Thermostat Upgrade

If you know someone who loves the latest in technology, someone who would enjoy being able to control the thermostat in his home when he’s away, upgraded software is the way to go! A smart thermostat allows people to control the temperature, humidity, and indoor quality from anywhere! Many smart thermostats come with user-friendly touch screens, reminders to change your air filter, and can even diagnose your system when issues arise. These devices are also very energy efficient. They are equipped with features like smart setback and energy-use tracking and reports.

  • Improved Air-Quality

Nothing says love like providing a loved-one with improved health. When you gift a device that can improve the air quality in someone’s home, you are providing them with better health. An air purifier, ventilator, or UV lamp will help your loved one breathe easier. Air purifiers work with your HVAC system to fight bacteria and airborne particles, which make the air cleaner and healthier to breathe. Humidifiers also make great gifts. These machines reduce the amount of dryness that is sometimes found in homes. Not only do these machines improve the air quality, they are also energy-efficient!


  • Upgrade the entire HVAC system!

A brand-new air conditioning unit is the best gift any South Floridian could ask for! A new heat pump unit will keep them warm during those few cold winter nights, and new air conditioner will keep your loved one feeling cool for years to come. You decide! Either way, each one will provide energy savings for them.


If you need advice on what kind of air conditioning related gift to give, or if you simply need a professional to install it, call your friendly neighborhood HVAC technician.


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